Das Weltkulturerbe

The World-Cultural-Heritage

Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany

Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To President Putin

and the Russian people


To President Selensky

and the Ukrainian people

To the


To the FRG/ CO


To the

World Population

Luebeck, March 8, 2024

That German-language document you may find here!

A cultural trip of my person to Moscow/ Women's Day

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Presidents and Chancellors of Europe,

Dear Readers,

As has become clear in the news, the Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany has declared a trip to Russia to be questionable and therefore advises every German against traveling.

Despite all this, my person would like to visit the metropolis of Moscow, first and foremost to take care of the matter and secondly for peace. 

However, my person wishes to make this trip by mutual agreement with Russia and the FRG by obtaining the necessary visa, which would have to be provided for my person by the German authorities, so that all travel expenses incurred in this regard must be borne by the state treasury. 

King J. and Emperor D. should also have already taken up their difficult office and be in a safe place or live in the respective official residence of a palace.

Basically, what has already been set out in writing by my person on the Internet remains constant, in that Russia will be admitted to NATO and the EU first and then Ukraine may follow. What has changed in the meantime is of course difficult to bear and extremely bad, so that my person would also be prepared to have a short conversation with President Putin, as he speaks German. My person can also answer questions on the matter or my person could ask President Putin questions and hope for honest answers!

In addition, the Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer, as a representative of a neutral country in matters of war, is recognizably suitable and should also stand up for immediate peace, at least in Europe, and address the Kremlin, whereby the former Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder and his wife should also make this trip in the same spirit.

My person is actually responsible for the monumental background work and is not particularly talkative, but rather quiet and gets a precise picture of her counterpart, whereby this background work will particularly concern the deceased or killed and their murderers.

In order to limit lies, trickery and appearances, the written and verifiable word by my person, among others, is decisive and therefore my person is reduced to written instructions and orders, which are intended for masses of people and for those responsible at the same time.

And for this reason, in advance of a possible peaceful agreement between all sides, I would like to make it clear that all anti-personnel mines throughout Ukraine must be detected and disposed of as a peaceful joint effort by the Russian army and the Ukrainian army alike!

All states in the world must also accept the current national borders of other countries and cannot assert any claims from past times, as a lot of blood was shed for these current borders and therefore claims to power, or a lot of courage and hard work was put into these country divisions by our ancestors through the national borders.

This must not be forgotten, otherwise we would have permanent wars in the world, which mostly young people would have to bear or pay for with their lives, whereby the currently stronger can take over the weaker.

Almost all people want to get along peacefully and simply want to stay healthy and live in peace. These people want to stay alive, work and raise a family, just like any other folk. The soldiers certainly all want to go back to their families and want to take care of their families or friends and spend time with them.  

Of course, no one gets anything for free that easily; most things have to be earned by everyone first and this includes especially the warmongers who are called to take responsibility for themselves and others to come to their senses first!

No one has died in vain or for nothing; not the Ukrainians and not the Russians, because everything has a price that has to be paid or compensated for and life will show us all how that works! Of course my person has an idea of this, but I don't want to raise any unnecessary hopes or, conversely, stir up any additional fears, but one thing is quite certain; either you do your duty in the matter here on God's earth or, in a negative sense, you will also be forced to do so in the hereafter in a transformed form.

Please all finally pull yourselves together voluntarily as far as possible, because the world is still carrying us and will continue to do so, and as long as the world is still carrying us, we should all realize that we as humanity and as the last generations have been made responsible for the world and more!

This requires a protective measure with the power to act. The Cudgel of my person is such a tool and speaks a language that everyone can and will understand in the near future. This applies worldwide and especially to a limitless French or American and the associated NATO, but also to those supposedly uninvolved rulers or rebels who want to earn money from a war or need or abuse a war for their own purposes!

Thus, my person hopes for the travel visa to Moscow for a few days stay and would also want to take the former Federal Chancellor Mrs. Merkel into the boat, since she too, as already communicated on the Internet, has to provide the generally demanded service. 

Yours sincerely, Ursula Sabisch


As a Russian, please inform your President about the matter so that peace talks can take place, as already mentioned on the Internet. Then, as a Ukrainian, please inform your President Selenskyj and agree and seal the ceasefire and the end of the war with Russia. 

The state borders will remain intact and will sooner or later be brought up to the latest generally valid status. The Crimean peninsula will remain in Russian hands for the time being, but this could still change due to the Monumental-area and will depend on the cooperation of President Putin.